Cozy House in the Begining

The more time I spend at Cozy House, the more I am begining to bond with this old house. Built in 1889, she has a lot to try to understand. Six rooms, two that connect with a double open doorway, two sets of pocket doors, a door that opens and closes at each room (except for the connecting rooms mentioned above) including the kitchen, one bathroom, one small closet, a back door and back porch, two front doors, a big front porch, a full attic and a 700 sq. ft. stand upright basement. What did they have in mind with this floor plan? In her day I am sure she was a Jewel….a Diamond..a Ruby…or an Emerald even….. in my vision of her, anyway….. and she will be again. I can look past the cracking plaster….the 6 layers of peeling wallpaper, the crumbling basement wall and even the slanted bathroom floor. Because I see “It”. I see the Emerald City. I see and want the Ruby Slippers and I see and will have the Diamond Ring. It will take time, lots of time. It will take effort , lots of effort. It will take fortitude, sticktoitnous, patience and love….lots of love. Am I up for it? Well that would be like asking a Baker if they were up to baking…..or a Musician if they were up to playing music. Its what I do. I am a fixer of all things awful. A renewer of the older and forlorn. A doer of all that can be done, that no one else thinks can….a Resplendor…er. Yes, that’s it….I resplendor things. She may not be perfectly Historically restored…..but betcha by golly wow….she will be splendid!

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